Great lockdown solution

If we have another lockdown, or if you are simply stuck at home fed up, then the best kept secret in town is Sivananda India online yoga. It is streaming via zoom straight out of an Indian Ashram. Beginner yoga classes start at around £16 which is for 1 and a half hours, for 5 or 6 days. So it works out at about under £3 per class. It's really easy to pay. Just click on the button labelled non Indian card.

If you can already do yoga the open classes are fantastic value. £2 per week gives you various classes running throughout the day for 7 days. Great if money is in short supply. And these classes are really good. So for £2 you can do a whole week of yoga classes!

They also do online meditation courses and so on.

At the moment there is a 4.30 time difference between the UK and India. So their 4 pm class works out at ll.30 am UK time. Their 6.30 pm class is 2 pm our time.

The link is

Sivananda London are also doing online courses. At the moment of writing they do one most days at 6.30 pm our time and various others. Of course, because it is the UK it has to be more expensive. It is about £8 per class.

The link is

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